Character Name: DP-3375

Age (by 2 ABY): N/A

Affiliation: Galactic Empire (formerly), Alliance to Restore the Republic (formerly), New Republic

Character's Alias: “Postal”

Character's Nickname(s): ‘75, “Seraph”

Physical Appearance Edit

Species: Triumphant Class Phase II Dark Trooper

Year of Birth: N/A

Body build/type: Humanoid droid (7’6”, 937 lbs.)

Eye color: N/A

Skin tone: White paint

Hair color and style: N/A

Distinguishing mark: N/A

Voice: Deep mechanical

Jewlery or accessories: N/A

Armor or clothing: White durasteel plating with phrik lining

Weaponry: Modified E-WEB turret, several internal defense mechanisms, cloaking capability

Personality Edit

Good personality traits: Loyal, Witty

Bad personality traits: Somewhat sadistic

Mood character is most often in: Bored

Character's greatest joy in life: Terminating targets

Character's greatest fear: N/A

Life philosophy: "Acquiring target.”

Greatest strengths: Warfare, cloaking, scanning

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Susceptible to electronic attacks

Biggest regret: N/A

Biggest accomplishment: N/A

Goals Edit

Drives and motivations: His programming

Immediate goals: Follow orders

Long term goals: Follow orders

Past Edit

Hometown/planet: N/A

Education: His programming

Present Edit

Current location: Telos

Currently living with: New Republic personnel, Jedi

Pets/Droids: N/A

Occupation: War Droid

Family: Edit

Parents: N/A

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Other important family members: N/A

Favorites: Edit

Color: N/A

Food: N/A

Form of entertainment: Terminating things

Expressions: "Terminating target.”

Most prized possession: Modified E-WEB

Habits: Edit

Hobbies: N/A

Smokes/Drinks/Drugs: N/A

Peculiarities: Knows a single joke that he will constantly repeat, is able to cook well

Relationships with others: Edit

Attitude with other people in general: Uninterested

Person character most hates: N/A

Best friend(s): Acehart Enkar, Spectre, Courier, Revenant, Theron Drenn, Grizz, Valmirillian Ordess, Varssk, Sora Traydor

Person character goes to for advice: N/A

Person(s) character feels responsible for or takes care of: N/A

Person character feels shy or awkward around: N/A