Basic Information: Edit

Full name: Jaden Enkar (formerly Eveler)    

Nicknames: N/A  

Aliases: Sparx  

Specie: Human  

Gender: Male  

Sexual orientation: Straight  

Age (2ABY): 11  

Birthday: Mid summer 9BBY  

Height: 5ft 8    

Weight: 125lbs  

Dominant Hand: Right  

Occupation: Slicer / minor engineer with the New Republic. Padawan in the Jedi Order.  

Former occupations: Illegal slicer    

Place of work: Travels  

Living arrangements: Lives with Acehart    

Hometown: [Varies]    

Current town of residence: Telos upper levels    

Previous residences: Red Light Sector on Nar Shaddaa  

Languages: Basic, Huttese, Dosh, Rodese, Ugnaught, some Ryl.  

Physical Aspects

Head and face shape: Oval face shape.

Eyes/Eyebrows: Golden colored cat eyes with natural rounded eyebrows.

Nose: Button nose

Mouth: Average width and oval lips

Skintone: Ivory

Hair: Auburn, medium length. Side-swept bangs with feathered hair in the back.

Distinguishing Marks: Light freckling over nose

Bone structure: Ectomorph

Physical build/fitness: Slender

Posture: Straight

Voice: Medium with bits of upper pitch

Clothing: White form fitting T-shirt with a vertical black stripe down the front, black sleeves, and a black hood. Black skinny jeans and sneakers.

Accessories: [Mauser belt.] Contains:  

  • Flash / smoke grenade
  • Trip wire + detachable hooks
  • Thumb drive
  • 5-inch folding knife
  • (Usually) Snacks / credits
  • Black leather gloves
  • Folding pliers
  • Hydrospanner + Scomp Link
  • Bacta + Gauze

[Collapsible datapad clipped to his belt] [Orange bladed lightsaber] [DC-15s blaster pistol] [Stun cuffs]

Colors s/he’d never wear: Pink, purple  

Colors s/he always wears: Orange, black

Training/Hobbies/Possessions Edit

Occupational training: Lessons from mother

Musical training: N/A

Combat training: Evasive training from Ko, lightsaber training from Acehart

Street training: More slicing, engineering

Hobby training: N/A

Other training: N/A

Hobbies: Slicing, playing with machines, holovision, video games, surfing the web, listening to music, and reading. Also enjoys cuddling, but that may not exactly be a ‘hobby’.

Collections: Technology

Telltale signs: Averting eyes

Very good at: Learning quick, scheming / thinking, technology, slicing, sneaking.

Very bad at: Confrontation, physical fighting, lying.

Prized possessions: His datapad

Family heirlooms: N/A

Personality Information

Joys: Technology, family / friends, reading, learning, playing  

Fears: Losing people, death, isolation  

Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Seeks out others for comfort    

Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Tries to take it easy or heal himself  

Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Reacts with anger and isolates himself  

Coping mechanisms—trauma: Deer-in-the-headlights stare, anxiety, or/and anger  

Coping mechanisms—heartache: Irrational actions, isolates himself, mood swings  

Optimist, pessimist or realist: Pessimist  

Love Language: Touch    

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): N/A  

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): N/A  

Nervous habits: Averting eyes, fidgeting, avoiding subject, hiding  

Greatest character virtues: Intelligent | witty | playful | kind | empathetic | curious | cuddly  

Greatest character flaws: Bullheaded | sensitive | submissive | sometimes too curious  

Trivial Preferences Edit

Alcohol tolerance: Unknown

Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Sweet and salty

Pet peeves: Being treated as a child, being ignored

Time most awake: Mid day

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite colors: Orange

Favorite weather: Warm and sunny

Favorite kinds of people: Friendly, sociable, appreciative

Favorite foods: Sushi

Favorite drinks: Ruby Bliel

Favorite places: Nar Shaddaa

Musical preferences: Techno or classical

Clothing preferences: Casual and comfortable

Literary preferences: Schematics, science fiction

Weapons preferences: Lightsaber

Travel preferences: Flight

Most relaxing activities/surroundings: Lots of accessible technology and entertainment.

Relationships/Family Edit

Pets / Droids: Zero, Zeek, Echo

Family wealth: Wealthy

Immediate family: Acehart, Faea, Talia Eveler (deceased), Zeir Eveler (deceased)

Relationships with family: Acehart - Adopted father, Faea - Adopted mother, Zeir Eveler - Father, Talia Eveler - Mother

Extended family: Amelia Eveler (grandma)

Relationships with extended family: Unknown

Current friends: Monty, Kavael, Vi, Ko, Elliot, Kit, Siv, Ripley, Tyler, Nel, Quinn, Fang, Xev, Ether

Current enemies: Spectre

Current employer: New Republic

Previous employers: Empire

Galactic Standing: Standard

Goals Edit

Short-term goals: Help Ace on assignments

Long-term goals: Improve force skills, improve engineering skills

Childhood goals: Have parents, improve slicing skills

Life-long goals: Help Ace and New Republic

Romantic goals: N/A

Relational goals: Make more friends

Family goals: See Ace retire

Revenge goals: Harass or get rid of people he doesn't like

History Edit

Jaden was born on Nar Shadaa. His parents were part of an Imperial remnant and worked at a hidden base of operations on the planet. Jaden was closest to his mother, a slicer and learned mostly from her. Jaden showed a talent for slicing and general technology from a young age. When he was 5, the Republic found and raided the base. A Jedi took the front line of the assault, giving him his first look at a force user. His parents fought back in the assault and were cut down by the Jedi, leaving a spiteful hate in Jaden towards Jedi. He escaped without pursuit through an a small vent.

Now lost and alone, Jaden roamed the streets of Nar Shadaa. He experimented with foster homes, hating it almost instantly and ran away. He lived on the street, surviving off scraps from the streets and occasional homeless shelter. After finding a broken datapad in the trash, he fixed it up with what little engineering he learned from his dad and used it to start his slicing career. Jaden quickly made a knack for himself, doing small jobs for little credits to get by. As he kept going, he gained skill in a snow-balling pace, and making a name for himself in the process. As most didn’t know his name, he was humorously called Sparx by people on the street for his love of technology. As his name and talent grew in the underground, so did his difficulty and complexity in jobs- which also resulted in much more pay. Gangs often offered him positions to be their official slicer, pressuring him when he turned them down. He prefered to stay freelance.

At age 8, gangs had grown much more aggressive towards him in their demand for him to join. Not to mention when gangs competed violently about it. He found himself pinned down by gang members, being assaulted in a circle of thugs. When he came to, he found a woman hovering over him, which he first mistook for his mother. Corpses of gang members were strewn about the ground. The woman introduced herself as Vi Rein, calling herself a Sith. She carried a resemblance to his mother. The constant gang harassment and loneliness had worn Jaden down emotionally. He felt a pathetic attachment to her as a result for rescuing him and her uncanny resemblance. After considerable begging, she let him tag along as her slicer.

Jaden continued serving Vi long after, becoming part of the crew. Many events and people popped up over the years, but he always maintained his role as a slicer. He discovered his force sensitive nature, but was unable to receive training since Vi already had an apprentice. She simply called him her little Acolyte. Jaden learned to use his basic force abilities off watching them anyways. He’d even managed to learn ‘force scream’ accidentally. Though he was curious about his powers, his interest remained with being a slicer and engineer. Vi’s Sith teachings trickled down to Jaden, fueling his dislike of Jedi and warping his perception a bit.During a slicing attempt at the Republic database (again) he was caught red handed and thrown in a cell. After a drawn out process of Q&A interrogation, his general identity was found- someone in service to a “Sith”. He was eventually allowed to leave his cell, only to be dragged around by Acehart and Spectre, who sought out his master. After a brief exchange of words, Vi had left Jaden to the Republic, believing he was better off due to his soft nature.