Basic Information: Edit

Full name: Dante Cloudborn    

Nicknames: Krowe Stormrider (His new Name after Order 66)  

Aliases: Krowe Stormrider  

Specie: Human  

Gender: Male  

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual  

Age (2ABY): 52  

Birthday: 50 BBY  

Height: 6'2''    

Weight: 190 lbs  

Dominant Hand: Right  

Occupation: Jedi Hermit  

Former occupations: Jedi Master    

Place of work: N/A  

Living arrangements: Small hovel on Yavin IV    

Hometown: Coruscant    

Current town of residence: Yavin IV    

Previous residences: Coruscant  

Physical Aspects Edit

Head and face shape: Diamond Face

Eyes/Eyebrows: Green

Nose: Pointed

Mouth: Normal

Skintone: Caucasian

Hair: Black with Grey on the sides, Disheveled beard

Distinguishing Marks: Tattoo on his right shoulder

Bone structure: Strong

Physical build/fitness: Somewhat Fit

Posture: Lazy

Voice: Low and Rough

Clothing: Ragged Jedi Robes

Accessories: Hidden Flask  

Colors s/he’d never wear: Anything Colorful  

Colors s/he always wears: Black, Dark Brown

Training/Hobbies/Possessions Edit

Occupational training: Jedi Master

Musical training: Humming/Singing Smugglers songs

Combat training: Jedi Master/Strong Force Training/Jedi Consular Training

Street training: Smuggling,Negotiating,Gambling

Hobby training: Card Games and Drinking

Other training: Piloting

Hobbies: Drinking

Collections: Various Alcoholic drinks from many worlds

Telltale signs: Speaking under his breath

Very good at: Drinking, Lying, Gambling, Getting himself out of trouble, Hiding

Very bad at: Being Sober, Sharing his Emotions, Teaching, Loving

Prized possessions: His Ship, His flask

Family heirlooms: His Famous Last Name

Personality Information Edit

Joys: Sleeping, Gambling, Getting into trouble  

Fears: Feeling the Force, The Past, Inquisitors, Clone Troopers  

Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Drinking to forget    

Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Overdosing on Medicine  

Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Laugh it off  

Coping mechanisms—trauma: Drinking  

Coping mechanisms—heartache: Drinking and breaking things  

Optimist, pessimist or realist: Pessimist/Realist  

Love Language: N/A    

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): Grumbling, Laughing  

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): Rolling his eyes , Smirking  

Nervous habits: Chuckling when in trouble  

Greatest character virtues: Patience, Wisdom, Silence  

Greatest character flaws: Alcoholism, Reluctance to become a Jedi  

Trivial Preferences Edit

Alcohol tolerance: *Extremely* High

Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Bitter

Pet peeves: Arrogant Kids

Time most awake: Sun set

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite colors: Black, Brown

Favorite weather: Rainy/Somewhat Cold

Favorite kinds of people: Drinkers, Quiet, Non-Arrogant, Funny

Favorite foods: Bread

Favorite drinks: Too many to List

Favorite places: Dagobah

Musical preferences: Cantina Music

Clothing preferences: Comfortable

Literary preferences: Dirty Novels

Weapons preferences: His Green Lightsaber/Blaster Pistol

Travel preferences: His Shuttle

Most relaxing activities/surroundings: Drinking in a Cantina

Relationships/Family Edit

Pets / Droids: BT-78 Assassin Droid

Family wealth: Very Wealthy

Immediate family: Claire and Rygar Cloudborn

Relationships with family: Parents

Extended family: Redfields

Relationships with extended family: Family Friends

Current friends: Acehart Enkar, BT-78, Various Bar Owners

Current enemies: The Empire

Current employer: N/A

Previous employers: Jedi Council

Galactic Standing: Neutral

Goals Edit

Short-term goals: Make it to tomorrow

Long-term goals: Have one successful student

Childhood goals: Become a great Jedi

Life-long goals: Become a Jedi master

Romantic goals: Never again

Relational goals: Have friends who aren't annoying

Family goals: None

Revenge goals: Kill whoever is responsible for the Inquisitor initiative

History Edit

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