Basic Information: Edit

Full name: Siester Systach    

Nicknames: Sies  

Aliases: Pyron Rydex  

Species: Human  

Gender: Male  

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual  

Age: 40  

Birthday: Mid-spring  

Height: 6 foot 1    

Weight: 192 lbs  

Dominant Hand: Left  

Occupation: New Republic ???  

Former occupations: New Republic General, New Republic Sector Commander, ISB Agent, Stormtrooper    

Place of work: Telos  

Living arrangements: A flat with Mikaeyla    

Hometown: New Ikenet, Corellia    

Current town of residence: Thani, Telos    

Previous residences: Lok, Rake'Zawa  

Physical Aspects Edit

Head and face shape: TBA Later

Eyes/Eyebrows: TBA Later

Nose: TBA Later

Mouth: TBA Later

Skintone: TBA Later

Hair: TBA Later

Distinguishing Marks: TBA Later

Bone structure: TBA Later

Physical build/fitness: TBA Later

Posture: Very straight and militaristic

Voice: Deep Corellian accent, but can switch to a Coruscanti accent when he gets serious

Clothing: New Republic uniform with a black overcoat, accompanied by his officer's cap

Accessories: Wedding ring  

Colors s/he’d never wear: Pink  

Colors s/he always wears: Black, white

Training/Hobbies/Possessions Edit

Occupational training: Imperial Officer Academy, Stormtrooper Training, Basic Training, New Republic military training, Medic training

Musical training: None

Combat training: Imperial Officer Academy, Stormtrooper Training, Basic Training, New Republic military training, vibroknife training with his father

Street training: Leader of the Arcanes for a year or so

Hobby training: None

Other training: None

Hobbies: Strategy-building hologames

Collections: Imperial medals

Telltale signs: His accent switching to match when he was an Imperial officer

Very good at: Persuasion, strategy, command

Very bad at: Acknowledging his own faults, getting out of his Imperialistic roots, accepting death

Prized possessions: Wedding ring

Family heirlooms: None

Personality Information Edit

Joys: Mikaeyla, not having paperwork  

Fears: Losing those around him, moving up in rank due to the death of a fellow officer, becoming a monster  

Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Throws himself into his work    

Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Adrenaline, pure adrenaline, can quickly administer bacta  

Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Shrugs it off  

Coping mechanisms—trauma: Due to his days in the ISB, he's seen mostly everything. Very hard to traumatize him, but if he is, he would probably break. (Since it'd have to be a large action/event to have an impact.)  

Coping mechanisms—heartache: Find solace in Mikaeyla  

Optimist, pessimist or realist: Optimist  

Love Language: Seductive words    

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): None  

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): None  

Nervous habits: Has a tendency to rub his chin when nervous  

Greatest character virtues: Intelligent, strategic, adaptive, trustworthy  

Greatest character flaws: Self-deprecative, sadistic at times, overprotective, his time in the Empire as a whole  

Trivial Preferences Edit

Alcohol tolerance: Medium

Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Bitter

Pet peeves: Those that believe in the Empire was a monster, Spectre's antics

Time most awake: Morning

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite colors: Red

Favorite weather: Breezy and sunny

Favorite kinds of people: Intelligent, kind

Favorite foods: Anything with spice

Favorite drinks: Corellian ale

Favorite places: Corellia

Musical preferences: Patriotic tunes

Clothing preferences: His uniform or professionally fancy

Literary preferences: Handbooks, classical

Weapons preferences: Q4, but has witched to the A280

Travel preferences: Shuttle

Most relaxing activities/surroundings: In his office with his thoughts, quiet nights with Mikaeyla

Relationships/Family Edit

Pets / Droids: R9-X7 (Destroyed)

Family wealth: Well-off

Immediate family: Xazen Systach (Brother), Dur'ion Systach (Father, Deceased), Curona Systach (Mother)

Relationships with family: Estranged

Extended family: Senki Aoren (Step-Father, Deceased)

Relationships with extended family: Estranged

Current friends: Acehart, Faea, Jaden, Syrus, Lunia, Revenant, Kavael and the Inquisitors, Aprilus, Adaeila, Oleski, Taren, Jeran (Deceased), Bendak (Deceased), Adson, Tex (Deceased)

Current enemies: Spectre, Vhetal Tyernen (Deceased), Centurion (Deceased), The Shapeshifter (Imprisoned), Caeles (Unknown), Haren Azan (Deceased)

Current employer: The New Republic

Previous employers: The Galactic Empire, Freelance

Galactic Standing: New Republic General

Goals Edit

Short-term goals: Obliterate the IDMR

Long-term goals: Return the galaxy to stability

Childhood goals: Take a different path than his father

Life-long goals: Defend those around him, keep Acehart's legacy alive

Romantic goals: Make Mikaeyla the happiest she can be

Relational goals: Don't burn any bridges

Family goals: Start a family, keep his (hopefully) to be born child safe

Revenge goals:

History Edit