Basic Information: Edit

Full name: Sora Traydor    

Nicknames: N/A  

Aliases: Sora Lovick  

Specie: Human  

Gender: Male  

Sexual orientation: Bisexual  

Age (2ABY): 15 (Fake ID shows 17)  

Birthday: Fall  

Height: 6 ft    

Weight: 175 lbs  

Dominant Hand: Right  

Occupation: Gunslinger, sniper, driver  

Former occupations: Smuggler    

Place of work: Travels  

Living arrangements: Telos flat    

Hometown: Coronet    

Current town of residence: N/A    

Previous residences: Coronet, Corellia  

Physical Aspects

Head and face shape: Oval face shape.

Eyes/Eyebrows: Cerulean colored almond shaped eyes with natural curved eyebrows

Nose: Button nose

Mouth: Average width and oval lips

Skintone: Tanned

Hair: Dark brown hair, messy layered hair that feathers, medium length.

Distinguishing Marks: Unknown

Bone structure: Mesomorph / rectangle

Physical build/fitness: Average athletic

Posture: Straight when standing, shifts weight a lot.

Voice: Medium

Clothing: Wears loose clothing- short sleeved grey shirt and baggy black pants. Wears leather steel toed boots, arm wraps, black tipless gloves. Wears a black jacket with the hood up and a black mask.

Accessories: - His clothing is made from webweaver silk- making it quite hardy against regular blades.  

- Belt:  

  • DL-44
  • Ammo
  • Smoke grenade / thermal detonator
  • Credits / fake ID
  • Datapad
  • Grappel hook attachment

- May carry a sniper rifle on their back

Colors s/he’d never wear: Unknown  

Colors s/he always wears: Black

Training/Hobbies/Possessions Edit

Occupational training: Training classes, street experience

Musical training: N/A

Combat training: Classes, field experience

Street training: Apprenticeship

Hobby training: N/A

Other training: N/A

Hobbies: Target practice, learning, pranking, training

Collections: N/A

Telltale signs: Unknown

Very good at: Hitting targets, martial arts, driving, sneaking

Very bad at: Personal conversation, being serious, melee weapons (ex: swords)

Prized possessions: A pendant- a Taozin amulet

Family heirlooms: N/A

Personality Information

Joys: Long ranged weapons, joking, drinking (through mask straw), parties.  

Fears: Electric fields, dying  

Coping mechanisms—sorrow/loss: Being alone    

Coping mechanisms—physical pain: Silent enduring  

Coping mechanisms—humiliation: Fighting back  

Coping mechanisms—trauma: Silence  

Coping mechanisms—heartache: Acting out  

Optimist, pessimist or realist: Realist  

Love Language: Favors    

Idiosyncrasies (Verbal): Talks a lot about trivial things to deflect interest others may have in his more personal matters. May put on a arrogant and / or annoying front to make people disinterested in a similar manner.

Idiosyncrasies (Physical): N/A  

Nervous habits: Talks faster  

Greatest character virtues: Loyal to a fault (distrusting), determined, crafty, protective  

Greatest character flaws: Cocky, reckless, sometimes insubordinate  

Trivial Preferences Edit

Alcohol tolerance: High

Sweet, sour, bitter, or salty: Sweet and spicy

Pet peeves: Keeping his guns in working order / clean, keeping his mask on in public

Time most awake: Night

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite colors: Green

Favorite weather: Temperate

Favorite kinds of people: Loose and mellow

Favorite foods: Spicy curry with sticky rice

Favorite drinks: Corellian Rum

Favorite places: Corellia

Musical preferences: Techno

Clothing preferences: Loose and baggy

Literary preferences: Weaponry / combat techniques

Weapons preferences: Blaster pistol or sniper rifle

Travel preferences: Speeder

Most relaxing activities/surroundings: Bustling city

Relationships/Family Edit

Pets / Droids: N/A

Family wealth: Well off

Immediate family:  Sofia and Seth Traydor

Relationships with family: Silent

Extended family: Unknown

Relationships with extended family: N/A

Current friends: Unknown

Current enemies: Unknown

Current employer: New Republic

Previous employers: Unknown

Galactic Standing: Law-abiding Merc

Goals Edit

Short-term goals: Make a living from the New Republic

Long-term goals: Make an impact where they go

Childhood goals: Be a soldier

Life-long goals: Unknown

Romantic goals: Unknown

Relational goals: Unknown

Family goals: None

Revenge goals: Unknown

History Edit

Sora was born and raised in Coronet Corellia. His parents had appraised careers in government, his mother being a politician and his father being in the Imperial Navy. Sora wanted to be a soldier when he grew up to help others. In light of this, his parents send him to an esteemed private school to be educated in the finer aspects of history, logic, discipline, and so forth. On the side, he was also enrolled in combat classes to get an early start on the art of battle. He showed talent in hand-to-hand combat, and firing a blaster, raising to the top of his class.

As he got older, he didn't like how the Empire operated and turned his eyes towards the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He was aware this was considered a terrorist group, so he expressed his view in agreeance with them indirectly, putting out similar viewpoints without mentioning the Rebels. His parents noticed and became wary as both parties danced precariously around the unspoken word "Rebel" as heated debates turned into full on yelling. His parents had him take a few visits to the Inquisitorius in hopes their influence about dealing with and interrogating Rebels might rub off, as well as requesting an owed favor to teach him to better mental defenses.

The Inquisitors seemed to take some interest in him early on, coming closer socially. He didn't seem to mind much, but his mother gave him a pendant shortly after, which he wore under his shirt. The Inquisitor interactions became a bit less pressing, so the odd thought vanished from his mind.

As he continued to grow, his views became more steadfast and he locked horns with his parents. He would go out and skip class with friends to goof off and cause mischief sometimes, mostly out of spite to his ever agitated parents. This included sneaking out to late night parties with drinking and the such. One of his "excursions" had him stumbling into a back alley cantina where he met some real Rebels. It was this interaction that started him off on small-time smuggling as he couldn't do much without being noticed missing. They were wary about letting him along due to his identity, but his eagerness convinced them. He mostly stopped going to parties and did what he could to help this group of Rebels. After a while he grew more bold and took a risky move to add more to his efforts. This entailed often frequenting where his father worked and the Inquisitorius to gain intel to give to the Rebels. This worked for a while until his actions and questions started to be noticed.

While sneaking out to meet the group of Rebels as usual a short while before the downfall of the Empire, he was tailed by a more curious Inquisitor, leading them right to the group. The Inquisitor, stepped out, thanking Sora for leading him to the Rebels and continuing on to cause confusion and led to the screaming accusations at him for being a traitor. The group was shortly after rounded up and taken off to be thrown in cells and interrogated. Sora was kept separate (minus one occasion) to keep up the ruse of betrayal to lower spirits, while Sora himself was even interrogated and harshly tortured for information. They were worn down mentally and physically in the process.

During a transitioning walk from his cell to the interrogation room, Sora started a scuffle with the guards, managing to take a blaster from one and shoot them. He ran into an Inquisitor in his fleeing and took them head on, closing the gap and knocking their saber away to force hand combat. He managed to injure the Inquisitor, disorienting them enough to flee from the scene, wherein he made his way to the hangar of the building and stole a shuttle with no small effort, having to leave the others behind in the process.

Once he felt more safe away from the system, he spent a sum of his earnings to buy a mask with a voice-changer and a hooded jacket with new clothes to help hide away from anyone searching after that "incident" along with a fake ID. He started to do mercenary work to make a living and generally distanced himself on a personal level from others, generally spitting out an up-front arrogant extrovert mask of personality to divert interest in more pressing questions towards his person.